Brent CPC2005 Subsoiler Ripper. Good, $5450.

14′ Disk Width, 5 Spring Mounted Shanks, 20″ plus blades, Very Solid unit. No welds.

Tag 4065BM

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New Holland 450 Net Wrap Round Baler. Nice, $15900

4×5 Bale, Net or Twine, 2011 Model, Only 1222 Bales, Gathering Wheels, Monitor, Very Nice.

Tag 4042BM

John Deere 350 Sickle Mower. $1375.

3 Point, Belt Drive, 7′ Bar, Repainted. Runs out good.

Tag 3018BM

New Holland 451 Sickle Mower. $1275.00

3 Point, Belt Drive, 7′ Bar, Avg. Paint. Runs out good.

Tag 4062BM

9′ Culitpacker. Good. $575.00

Pull Type Single Packer. Not sure of brand, Ball Bearings.

Tag 4056BM

Burch 2 Row Planter. Good $575.00

3 Point, Unique with 2 seed boxes and 2 metering units per row. Extra Plates.

Tag 4064BM

6′ 3 Point Bush Hog Rotary Cutter. $425.00

72″, 3 Pt. Frame is reinforced around gearbox- Well done. Runs out ok.

Tag 4015BM

12′ Allis Chalmers HD Disk. $1475.00

New Ground Style Disk, 20″ Blades, Model 2500?, Needs a bearing.

Tag 3856BM

Wagon Gear with 500 Gallon Tank. Nice. $925.00

Very good running gear. Not sure of brand. Tank is solid.

Tag 3711BM

Gleaner 630 Corn Head. Good. $2250.

6R Narrow, Good Condition. Straight. Off M Gleaner Combine

Tag 4055BM

John Deere 566 Round Baler. Nice. $9950.

Twine Tie, Makes a 5′Wide Bale up to 6′,8082 Bales, Deluxe Monitor, Gathering Wheels, Very Nice Baler.

Tag 4060BM