John Deere 566 Round Baler. Nice. $9950.

Twine Tie, Makes a 5′Wide Bale up to 6′,8082 Bales, Deluxe Monitor, Gathering Wheels, Very Nice Baler.

Tag 4060BM

Claas 66 Net Wrap Round Baler. Nice. $8250.

4×5 Bale, Net Wrap, Bale Kicker, Open Chamber, Nice Baler.

Tag 4040BM

New Holland 450 Net Wrap Round Baler. Nice, $15900

4×5 Bale, Net or Twine, 2011 Model, Only 1222 Bales, Gathering Wheels, Monitor, Very Nice.

Tag 4042BM

New Holland 664 NET Wrap Round Baler. Good. $10500

Net or Twine, Bale Command, Makes a 5′ Wide Bale up to 6′ In diameter. Runs out good.

Tag 3896BM

Gehl 2780 Round Baler. Nice. 5×5. $5250.

Twine Tie, Bale Moniter, Makes a 5′x5′ Bale, Runs out good,

Tag 3945BM

John Deere 410 Round Baler. 4×5. $3950.

Hydraulic Twine Tie, Makes a 4′wide bale up to 5′ in diameter. Wide outer belts.

Tag 3481BM

Vermeer 504C Round Baler. 4×5, $1775.

Twine, 4×5 Baler, Manual Tie, Runs out good.

Tag 3480BM

Vermeer 504 Super I Round Baler. 4×5. Nice. $6250

Twine, Makes up to a 4×5 Bale, Hydraulic tie, Gathering Wheels,Used on the farm.

Tag 3172BM

New Holland 648 Rd. Baler. 4×5, Nice. $9450.

Twine Tie w/Auto Wrap, 4×5 Bale, Wide Pickup, New Belts, Nice Baler.

Tag 3434BM

New Holland 851 Round Baler. $1875.

Twine, Auto Wrap, Makes 5.5 x 5.5 bale, Good apron and floor chains.

Tag 3785BM