Hesston 5580 Round Baler. $2250.

Twine Tie, Makes a 5′ Wide Bale up to 6′ Diameter. Very good belts and lacing. Runs out smooth. Nice for an older baler.

Tag 5439BM

New Holland 846 Round Baler. $2650.

4.5 x 4.5 Bale, Very Good Apron Chain (70%), Auto Wrap Tie System.

Tag 5430BM

John Deere 510 Round Baler. $1675.00

Twine, Makes a 5’wide bale up to 6′ Diameter, Hydraulic Tie.

Tag 3502BM

New Holland 660 Round Baler. NET WRAP. $6250.

Net and Twine, Makes a 5’wide Bale, Up to 6′ Diameter, Bale Command Monitor.

Tag 5193BM

New Holland 851 Round Baler. Nice. $2450.

Very Nice Baler. Makes a 5.5×5.5 Bale, Hydraulic Twine Tie, Very good Original paint and sheetmetal. 50% Apron Chain.

Tag 5360BM

New Holland 853 Round Baler. $3950.00

Electric Twine Tie, Makes a 4.5 x 5 Bale, 40% Apron Chain. Runs out good.

Tag 5215BM

MF Massey Ferguson 450 Round Baler. $995.00

4×5 Bale, Twine Tie, Runs out real good. Needs one belt repaired. Same as Vermeer 504

Tag 5293BM

New Holland 846 Round Baler. $2650.

Twine, Makes a 4.5×4.5 Bale, Manual Tie, 70% Apron Chain, Good Floor Chains.

Tag 5238BM

New Holland BR7060 Silage Special Round Baler. $20500.

Net Wrap and Twine, Makes 4×5 Bale, Silage Special, Wide Pickup, Bale Command. 3941 Bales.Decent Endless Belts.

Tag 5174BM

Case IH 8420 Round Baler. Excellent. $7950.

Twine tie, Makes a 39″x52″ Bale, Gathering Wheels, Bale Ramps. Baler is Very Nice.

Tag 5173BM