New Holland 80 Rd Bale Forks. $130.

3 Point, Heavy Duty, Adjustable Width.

Tag 4586BM

3 Point Rd Bale Forks. $110.

Cat I 3 Pt. Homemade although well done.

Tag 4013BM

3 Point Bale Carrier. $175.00

Std 3 Point, Pallet Style Carrier. Very Good. Can be a HD Carry All Also.

Tag 6270BM

3 Point Bale Spear. $85.00

Standard 3 Point Spear. Main Prong has slight bend.

Tag 5554BM

Quick Attach Bale Spear. $395.00

Standard Skid steer Quick Attach. 1800 Lb. Capacity.

Tag 6714BM

Skid Steer QA Bale Spear 125.00

Homemade, Std Quick Attach Spear.

Tag 4109BM

Loader Bucket Bale Spear. $120.00

Mounts into a Loader Bucket. Good.

Tag 6003BM

Scissors Lift for Rd Bales. $160.

3 Point Scissors Lift only. Will Extend Lift Height of spear.

Tag 6536BM

WorkSavor Bale Spear. $149.00

3 Point, Good.

Tag 6446BM

Round Bale Forks. $125.00

3 Point Pallet Style Round Bale Carrier. Very Good. Can be made into a HD Carry All.

Tag 4549BM