Hesston 2 Point Bale Fork. $125.00

Cat II 2 Point Round Bale Forks. HD. Good.

Tag 6819BM

3 Point Bale Spear $120.

Home Made. Standard 3 Pt. Fairly Good.

Tag 4359BM

Worksaver Bale Fork. $149.00

3 Point Pallet Style Bale Forks. Some Fabrication. Long Tines.

Tag 4259BM

Bale Spear with Scissors Lift. $260.

3 Point Spear with hi Lift. Lift Round bales higher.

Tag 5537BM

Farm Star Bale Spear. Good. $149.00

Cat I 3 Point, Very Good.

Tag 6776BM

Large Heavy Duty Bale Carrier. $475.00

3 Point. 7′ Wide with 6′ long prongs.

Tag 6778BM

Farm Star Bale Spear $149.00

Cat I 3 Pt. Nice Spear.

Tag 6776BM

3 Point Bale Fork. $95.00

Cat II 3 Pt. Has a Hitch Ball for Trailer Moving. Has some welds although solid, Can be a HD Carry All.

Tag 6445BM

3 Point Bale Spear $135.

Cat I, Standard 3 Point. Good.

Tag 6456Bm

New Holland 80 Rd Bale Forks. $130.

3 Point, Heavy Duty, Adjustable Width.

Tag 4586BM