Land Pride 1560 Finish Mower. $550.

3 Point, 60″ Cut, 4 Gage Wheels, Side Discharge, Average Appearance although runs out real good.

Tag 6652BM

King Kutter FM60Y Finish Mower. $550.

60″ Cut, 4 Gage Wheels, 3 Point, Runs out good.

Tag 6684BM

King Kutter Finish Mower. $775.00

3 Point, 72″ Cut, 4 Gage Wheels, Repainted JD Green with JD Decals.

Tag 6476BM

King Kutter 72″ Finish Mower. $525.

3 Point, 6′ Cut, 4 Gage Wheels, Average Paint. Msg Belt Cover

Tag 6196BM

Woods RM90 Finish Mower. $775.00

3 Point, 90″ Cut, PTO Drive, Runs out good.

Tag 6601BM

Bush Hog CS100P Chipper/Shredder. Very Good. $1575.00

3 Point, 540 PTO drive, Not much use. Excellent Blades.

Tag 6533BM

Landpride FDR1672 Finish Mower. $975.

3 Point, 72″ Cut, Rear Discharge, 4 HD Gage Wheels, Flex Lift Arm Brackets, Real Nice Mower.

Tag 6463BM

Landpride FDR1672 Finish Mower. Like New. $1675.00

3 Point, 72″ cut, Rear Discharge, 4 Gage Wheels, Very Nice Mower.

Tag 6390BM

Rhino TX115 Batwing Finish Mower. Good. $5995.00

11’5″ Cut, 540 PTO, All Flex Mower with 3 Individual Mowers. Not welded on. Avg Paint. Good Overall

Tag 6283BM

King Kutter Finish Mower. Nice. $750.00

3 Point, 72″ Cut, 4 Gage Wheels, Rear Discharge, Front Roller, Rear Deflector.

Tag 6127BM