Subsoiler. Single Shank. $110.

3 Point, Cat I, 24″ Deep.

Tag 6670BM

Dearborn 12-2 Chisel Plow. $475.00

3 Point 6′ Wide, 9 shank, Double Spring, Low Clearance. Good for smaller tractors.

Tag 6551BM

Ford 3 Point Cultivator. $250.

3 Point, 4 Row, C Shank Style, Good

Tag 6481BM

Kasco Chisel Plow. Good. $675.00

3 Point, 7 Shank, Gage Wheels w/Very Good Tires, Very Good Twisted Shovels.

Tag 6144BM

Kasco style Disk Harrow. $325.00

Two 6′ Long Bars with 4 brackets and Springs. Good Condition

Tag 5815BM

Spring Tooth Harrow. $75.00

8′ Spring Tooth harrow with brackets. Hook up to disk or chisel plow

Tag 5816BM

1 Row Cultivator. $75.00

3 Point, Single Row. Flat Spring Tines.

Tag 5771BM

Tebben 3 Point Leveling Blade. $775.00

6′ Wide, Cat I 3 Point, Great for driveways or Landscape Leveling, Horse Arena. Land Level Small Fields.

Tag 5757BM

Brillion Chisel Plow. $825.00

3 Point, 10 Shank, 3 Bar, High Clearance, Gage Wheels, Decent Shovels.

Tag 5745BM

DMI Chisel Plow. 7 or 9 Shank. $650.

3 Point, Gage Wheels, Has 9 shanks on it. Can easily be made a 7 shank.

Tag 5670BM