L&S Line Mfg. Grader Blade, $175.00

3 Point, 6′ Wide, Swivels

Tag 6506BM

Mohawk 6′ Grader Blade. $175.00

3 Point, 6′ Wide, Pivots.

Tag 6505BM

3 Point Roll-Over Box Blade. $295.

3 Point 5’6″ wide, Not Sure of Brand. Solid

tag 6346BM

6′ Grader Blade. $195.00

3 Point, Angle and Reversable.

Tag 6226BM

3 Point Blade. $195.00

3 Point, 6′ Wide, Angle Adjustable.

Tag 6225BM

Shutt’s Marvel Digger. $325.00

Loader Mount Tree Digger, 24″ Wide, Heavy Duty, Could be used for a ditch digger. Mounts on loader pins or could mount a skid steer plate on it.

Tag 6250BM

IH Farmall 2 Point Fast Hitch Blade. $425

Very Nice Original International quick hitch grader blade. 8′ Wide.

Tag 6231BM

IMC 6′ Grader Blade. $100.00

3 Point, 6′ Wide, Straight. Pivot is froze up.

Tag 6186BM

3 Pt. Carry All. Nice. $185.00

3 Point Carry all with Nice Homemade Box. Box is 60″ wide and 40″ Deep, Made with 2″ wood.

Tag 6177BM

John Deere (Frontier) JD Blade. Nice $1975.00

3 Point, 9′ Wide, Hydraulic Angle, Hydraulic Tilt. With Both Cylinders. Very Good HD Blade

Tag 6093BM