3 Point Grader Blade. $150.

4′ Wide, 3 Point, Decent Overall

Tag 6653BM

3 Point Blade. 5′ $175.00

3 Point, 5′ Wide. Nice Small Blade

Tag 6668BM

Case IH WRX201 V Rake. Very Good. $7250.

10 Wheel, Wheels in front of Frame Work. 20’Plus Raking Width. Kicker Wheel Brackets, Very Good Condition.
Same as New Holland HT152 Rake

Tag 6339BM

Skid Steer Dozer Blade. $1350.

Has SSL QA Plate, Cylinder and Hoses, 94″ Wide, Hydraulic Angle. New Condition

Tag 6647BM

Skid Steer QA Dozer Blade. $1350.

Has SSL QA Plate, 72″ Wide, Cylinder and Hoses, Its Lateral angle only. For Grading, Ditching ETC.

tag 6648BM

Rossi 5 Wheel Hay Rake. Nice $750.

3 Point, 5 Wheel Rake, Very Good.

Tag 6654BM

Hay Wagon with Corsicana Gear. $495.00

Wide Track Gear, Decent Tires, Tongue Bent, 7’6″x15′ Bed, 2″ Lumber.

Tag 6655BM

Subsoiler. Single Shank. $110.

3 Point, Cat I, 24″ Deep.

Tag 6670BM

Ford 101 Molboard Plow. $475.00

3 Point, 3 Btm. 14″, Good Wear Parts.

Tag 6678BM

3 Point Disk. $425.

5’6″ Wide, 7″ Spacing, 16″ Blades. Poor Paint, Very Solid.

Tag 6676BM