20′ Hay Wagon on a HD J&M Gear. $1050.

Heavy Duty J&M Gear with Flotation Tires, Long Coupling Pole, 20′ Wagon Bed.

Tag 6867BM

Wagon Gear. $325.

Solid Smaller wagon gear. Not sure of brand. 5 Lug, Decent Tires.

Tag 3854BM

Hay Wagon with Corsicana Gear. $495.00

Wide Track Gear, Decent Tires, Tongue Bent, 7’6″x15′ Bed, 2″ Lumber.

Tag 6655BM

Parker Gravity Wagon and Gear. $1375.00

7’6″ Wide x 12′ Long, 12″ Ext. Very Solid, Parker 6 lug gear with flotation. Avg Paint. Good Condition.

Tag 6580BM

Camco 12 Ton Gear, Good. $950.

12 Ton, 72″ Wide Track, HD Flotation Tires, Adj, Tongue, Nice Gear

Tag 6500BM

Kewanee 45 Wagon Gear. $725.

Wide Track, Good Tires. No Welds, Tight Steering.

Tag 6444BM

J&M 250-7 Gravity Wagon on Kilbros Gear. $1125.00

Wagon is 7×10. Slight rust at bottom. Overall solid, Very Nice Kilbros 872 Running Gear on Flotation Tires.

Tag 6357BM

Badger Wagon Gear. $650.

Heavier Gear with 6 Lug Rims, Adj. Tongue, Tires are poor

Tag 6046BM

John Deere 953/963 Wagon Gear with Hay Bed. $825

Long Hubs w/JD Emblem. Decent Used tires, Weld on the tongue. Has a Nice 8×16 Bed. 2″ Wood, Nice Combination

tag 6033BM

Center Dump Parker Wagon and Gear. $1050.00

7.5′ X 12′ Bed, Center Dump. Bed has a couple bad spots, Very Nice HD Gear with Flotation Tires.

Tag 6049BM